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My What Is It

My What Is

“Complex Information Explained for you by Scientists”

We Simplify The Complex

What Is It?

So why are we different than any other site on the internet?  That’s easy, we’re scientists!  “My What Is” is the newest popular site on the world-wide-web that helps you find simple answers and explanations to complex scientific, government, health, financial, recreational and entertainment applications and organizations.  Unlike many internet “content farms” we bring you information that has been condensed, simplified and summarized in an easy to use and meaningful format because we are trained in science.  Have you ever tried to decipher information on beneficial government programs on your own?  Have you ever tried to learn about a particular government agency and what they have to offer you?  How about credible and objective scientific information that is easy to understand?  Even recreational opportunities and entertainment options can be overwhelming on the internet.  If your kids and other youth can use the web for all sorts of applications and information so can you. In other words... "We simplify the complex".

About Us

“My What Is” was founded by two professionally trained scientists who work for the government and have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy data collection and interpretation.  They also love sharing and communicating that information with other people.  Between the two of them they have 15 years of college and multiple degrees.  In addition to college training, our founders are internationally recognized experts on many species.  In fact, one of the founders actually pioneered the motion sensitive camera systems that are so widely used today.  But most importantly for you, the team at “My What Is” strives to make it easier for you to get the information in a clean and concise format on the web.  Most of us to not have the time to plow through page after page of data and text to get the information we need on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, our founders spent more time explaining complex government program information to friends and family so they decided to make it easy for everyone to find the useful benefits that government programs have to offer. The team at “My What Is” will do this for you.  We make it very easy and fun for you to learn online about science, government programs, health, financial issues, recreation and entertainment.

Are you interested in Science?

Not trained in science?  No need to worry as the team at “My What Is” can summarize and simplify results and discussions from technical scientific journal papers in a manner that you can both enjoy and understand.  Whether it is your health or your financial well being there are many technical journal papers with complex analysis techniques that we can bring to you in a clean and easy to understand fashion.  Science is one of the most fascinating fields of study and provides objective information to help you make better decisions and develop informed opinions on all matters of interest.  We love science and can help you understand emerging issues.   

Need a Scientific Journal Paper Explained?

“My What Is” also provides a unique service to you assist your quest for information.  Journal Search and Summary is a new tool for you to use to get a concise explanation that summarizes a technical journal article or scientific concept.  It’s easy. 

The following is an excerpt from a technical scientific journal:

 “The incidence of gastroduodenal ulcers at week 12 seen in the ibuprofen 800 mg t.i.d. and diclofenac 75 mg b.i.d. groups was significantly higher than that in the valdecoxib 10 mg q.d. and valdecoxib 20 mg q.d. groups (P < 0.05).”

Journal Search and Summary gives you:

After 12 weeks, ulcers were observed by patients taking 800 milligrams of ibuprofen (4 times the normal over the counter dose of 200mg) 3 times a day and 75 mg of diclofenac twice a day than patients that used valdecoxib 1 time a day at different strengths.  If you have stomach problems this paper suggests that valdecoxib is safer for you.

Simply submit your citation or bibliographical reference to Journal Search and Summary on the Contact Us submission form.

Where is a Species located on the Planet?

“My What Is” also provides another unique service to you assist your quest for information.  Species Quest is a new tool for you to use to get a concise explanation that summarizes a species location and habitats, from anywhere in the planet.  Whether you are planning a National Park visit and want to view wildlife or simply conducting your own research, the team at “My” will find this information for you.  It’s easy. 

Simply submit the species name (common or genus/species) to Species Quest on the Contact Us submission form.

Game Animal and Game Fish Locations

“My What Is” also provides another unique service to you assist your quest for information.  Fur, Fins and Game Finder is a new tool for you to use to get a concise explanation that summarizes where to locate game and furbearing animals as well as find your favorite game fish. It’s easy. 

Simply submit the game fish or game animal/species name to Fur, Fins and Game Finder on the Contact Us submission form.

Are you Over 40 Years Old and new to Computers and the Web?

Don’t worry.  You are not alone.  It can be frustrating try to use a personal computer or mobile device to find meaningful information that is easy to read and concise.  Time is money and nobody wants to spend all day searching for information on the web.    Most of us that are older than 40 years old are acutely interested in government benefit programs.  We make it easy for you to decipher agency benefit programs.  Have you heard of social networking?  How about cell phone applications for restaurants and your vehicle?  Vast entertainment options and recreational opportunities are available for mature folks and seniors on the web and our team will connect you to the fun and exploration that is happening right now across this great country.  It’s fun!

Are you already a Tech Savvy Internet User?

Ok you are young, intelligent and have an iPod, mobile phone and love social networking.  What can “My What Is” offer you?  That’s easy.  Entertainment options can be overwhelming.  Are you tired of countless travel and concert web pages that are full of affiliate ads and moving pictures that try to attract your attention?  The team at “What Is” can simplify your choices so you can save valuable time.  How about outdoor recreation?  Wouldn’t you love to have everything you need for a National Park visit on one site?  We can do that for you.  Check us out.  We strive to bring you fast and easy to understand information that makes your life more fun.

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